Staff & Associates

Photo of Eldon Stolzfus

Eldon Stoltzfus - Executive Director

As Executive Director, Eldon is responsible for leading the organization with primary responsibility for public relations, administration and fundraising. 

Eldon holds an MA in Peace Studies and Ethics from Anabaptist Biblical Seminary, and a certificate In Clinical Pastoral Education from Lutheran Hospital of Fort Wayne. He has served two congregations as pastor as well as serving with Mennonite Mutual Aid (now Everence), with MCC in Haiti, and as a hospice chaplain in Goshen.

Jeanne Davies, Program Resources Manager

Jeanne Davies - Program Director

Jeanne works half-time as Program Director. She carries primary responsibility for resources, advocacy, volunteer coordination and social media.

Jeanne also serves as pastor for Parables Community, an accessible and inclusive new church start in Lombard, Illinois. She is ordained in the Church of the Brethren, has a Masters of Divinity from Bethany Theological Seminary in Richmond, Indiana, and is working on a Certificate in Disability and Ministry at Western Theological Seminary in Holland, Michigan. She lives in West Dundee, Illinois, with her husband, Joel, her daughter, Nora, and her Wheaten Terrier, Finn. 

 Field Associates

ADN Field Associates are volunteers who work from their home location in partnership with ADN on program areas that contribute to ADN’s mission. Contact the ADN office to connect with any of our Associates.

Current Field Associates include: 
  Katherine Dickson

Kathy lives in Bluffton, Ohio, where she attends First Mennonite Church of Bluffton. Her interests include the theology of disability and the gifts that people with disabilities bring to the body of Christ. She is Director of Vocational Discernment and Community Engagement for Methodist Theological School of Ohio, Delaware, Ohio. Contact Kathy through the ADN office.

  Debbie Eisenbise
Debbie Eisenbise photo

Debbie lives in Kalamazoo, Michigan. She first came to ADN as a board member in 2015, serving as staff liaison with the disability ministries of the Church of the Brethren. She worked as a pastor for many years in a congregation that has many persons with disabilities. She attends Prince of Peace Church of the Brethren, South Bend, Ind. Debbie currently works as a doula for persons going through the dying process and their families, and she is an interim pastor for a congregation near Kalamazoo. Contact Debbie through the ADN office.

  Deborah Ruth Ferber 

A native of Ontario, Canada, Deborah Ruth has worked as a live-in assistant for people with developmental disabilities in several L’Arche communities in Ontario, Nova Scotia, and the United Kingdom. She is passionate about building friendships with people with developmental disabilities and supporting people living with mental illness. Deborah Ruth is a frequent contributor to ADN’s blog. Contact Deborah Ruth through the ADN office.

  Rebekah Flores

Rebekah lives in Elgin, Illinois, where she attends Highland Avenue Church of the Brethren. She brings experience living and working with people with developmental disabilities and a strong interest in promoting disability awareness and inclusion in congregations. Rebekah serves as the Ombudsman for persons with disabilities at the annual conference of the Church of the Brethren. Contact Rebekah through the ADN office.


  Chou Hallegra Gabikiny​

Chou (pronounced like "Shoo") lives in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where she offers person-centered counseling and consultation to persons living with disabilities and their caregivers. She attends West Shore Brethren in Christ of Mechanicsburg, PA. Contact Chou​ through the ADN office.

 Mark Pickens

Mark lives in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where he attends First Church of the Brethren, Harrisburg. He brings to ADN his personal experience as a blind person. He is interested in exploring the ways our understandings of God and disabilities interact and influence personal faith and congregational practices. Mark can speak about many disability accessibility issues, including those related to low vision and blindness. Contact Mark through the ADN office.

  Jill Stemple​

Jill lives in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Community Mennonite Church of Lancaster is her home congregation. Jill's interests include addressing the intersection of mental health/illness with church life and theology, helping churches learn to understand mental health struggles more fully and find loving ways to be in community with members living with mental illness. She is employed by the Pennsylvania Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.Contact Jill through the ADN office.

  ​Milt Stoltzfus

Milt has been part of the ADN board from the beginning in 2004 until 2017. He works as coordinator of spiritual nurture and community life for Friendship Community in Lititz, Pa. He has two older sisters who were born with developmental disabilities, one of whom is still living in a residential care facility. Milt attends New Beginnings Brethren in Christ Church, Ephrata, Pa. ​Contact Milt  through the ADN office.

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