Become a Partner Congregation

Woman using wheelchair greets others


“A fully welcoming encounter with persons with disabilities will almost inevitably lead the church into the very center of the gospel, and deepen the church's capacity to follow Jesus. In short, the church must welcome persons with disabilities, not just because persons with disabilities need to be welcomed; the church must welcome persons with disabilities because, without such welcome, the church will not fully discover the unspeakable riches of its life in Christ.” 

Is Partnering with ADN next in your Congregation’s Journey?

Supporting Partner Congregations receive:

  • Priority access to ADN staff for consultations and seminars
  • Tools, such as a brief accessibility checklist and a template for writing a church policy on disability inclusion
  • Special Listing on the Congregational Partners page of the ADN website
  • A sample Litany of Blessing for your Accessibility Advocate or group
  • Congregational Partnership logo to post on your church's website


ADN's Supporting Partner Congregations will:

  • Appoint a Congregational Accessibility Advocate and/or Advocacy Group
  • Pledge to make an annual contribution to the work and ministry of ADN
  • Conduct regular or annual reviews of the congregation's practices of hospitality toward people with disabilities
  • Seek to adopt a church policy on disability inclusion
  • Communicate regularly with ADN about efforts to become more disability-inclusive