ADN Resource Info Sheets

​​Formerly called ADNotes, this is a publication of Anabaptist Disabilities Network. Feel free to reproduce these handouts as long as they are distributed without charge and due credit is given to ADN.

ADN mental_health_month bulletin insert.pdf  "May is Mental Health Month" bulletin insert

ADN Handout Overcoming Stigma.pdfADN Handout Overcoming Stigma.pdf   Overcoming the Stigma of Mental Illness. 
By Ruth Detweiler, a founder of No Longer Alone Ministries in Pennsylvania and a former ADN board member.

ADN Handout Youth Ministry and Disability.pdfADN Handout Youth Ministry and Disability.pdf  Youth ministry is as much about building relationships as it is about programming. Building supportive relationships and effective programming require an understanding of and appreciation for who our youth are. 
ADN Handout Autism Spectrum Disorder.pdfADN Handout Autism Spectrum Disorder.pdf  The playful name, "Oops…Wrong Planet! Syndrome,” given to Asperger Syndrome by some persons with AS, suggests that such persons may perceive the challenges of relating to those who do not have an autism spectrum disorder or other neurological difference as even greater than those of crossing cultures.

ADN Handout Exile and Community.docx.pdfADN Handout Exile and Community.docx.pdf   The Challenge of Building Community that includes persons with disabilities and mental illness often involves significant challenges. Communities like to stress their strengths and commonalities. Persons with disabilities often present apparent weaknesses and obvious differences.

ADN Handout Hope in Crisis.pdfADN Handout Hope in Crisis.pdf  Keeping Hope Alive in Crisis: Extremely challenging behavior in a loved one can leave us confused and exhausted. Even in the midst of such difficulties, God is present and eager to guide us. The following tips helped me keep hope alive during the challenge of raising a child who lives with autism and schizophrenia.

ADN Handout Technology.pdfADN Handout Technology.pdf  In today’s world, technology has great potential to make it easier for persons living with disabilities to participate in the body of Christ. That potential can be compromised, however, if congregations overlook the problems technology can present for people who see or hear less well than average.

ADN Handout Childrens Mental Health.pdfADN Handout Childrens Mental Health.pdf  Mental Health in Children and Youth: As we enter church on Sunday morning, the call to worship or song of gathering invites us to bring all that we are. Yet for some, the complications of our lives may seem too big to bring to church and to explain to the faith community. For children living with mental health problems and their families, it may seem easier to leave the issue of mental health at the door.

ADN Handout on Preaching.pdfADN Handout on Preaching.pdf  Preaching Can Enhance and Expand Ministry with People who Have Disabilities By Joni S. Sancken, Assistant Professor of Homiletics, United Theological Seminary, Dayton Ohio. "At its best, preaching tells the truth and bears witness to the gospel, the good news.... Here we explore three opportunities for preachers to support and minister with people of differing abilities." 

ADN Handout Aging and Disabilities.pdfADN Handout Aging and Disabilities.pdf  Disabilities in Aging: As we grow older, we find that we gradually develop disabilities. In the church they may escape the awareness of others and often are dismissed as an inevitable part of growing old. People adopt mechanisms for coping...

ADN Handout Changing Attitudes.pdfADN Handout Changing Attitudes.pdf  5 Stages: The Journey of Disability Attitudes: The metaphor of journey is one way to describe the attitudes we hold toward persons with disabilities. Our attitudes are capable of change as we journey through life.

 Chemical Sensitivity Tips.pdfChemical Sensitivity Tips.pdf Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: What is it? What can we do?

Stigmatizing Beliefs .pdfStigmatizing Beliefs .pdf  What does the Bible say about mental illness? Our beliefs about mental illness can be stigmatizing or liberating.