Sunday School Inclusion Resources


Sunday School Inclusion Resources

Video and online resources for teachers

​Training videos

Autism: A Christian Response

Presented by Barbara J. Newman. Produced by CLC Network. 55 minutes. This session will explore God's "knitting pattern" for persons with Autism Spectrum Disorders, discuss som of the differences you might see, and give you some practical tools for inclusion of children and adults with ASD in the life of your church. Order from CLC Network.

Behavior Management Playing Field

Presented by Barbara J. Newman. Produced by CLC Network. 55 minutes. Explore strategies you can implement surrounding behavior management issues in your home or church. By the end, your idea tool box will be over-flowing! Order from CLC Network.

Inclusion Tool Box

52 Practical Ideas to Include Individuals with Disabilities. Presented by Barbara J. Newman. Produced by CLC Network. 55 minutes. With some modifications, teachers, volunteers and mentors can implement low-cost tools to best support children and youth who struggle with attending, interpreting sensory input, reading, and writing -- enabling them to experience the full life of their church, while also utilizing their gifts. Order from CLC Network. ADNet's complete review.

Make Heaven a Noisier Place

Including Children with Disabilities. Presented by Barbara J. Newman. Produced by CLC Network. 55 minutes. The most important and powerful key to including children with disabilities is giving God-honoring information to peers and volunteers. Learn practical strategies for preparing your congregation ot eagerly receive those with disabilities into the body of Christ. Order from CLC Network.

Online resources

Christian Church Disability Ministries

CCDM produces numerous educational resources, interactive and video-based training platforms, books, and pamphlets for inclusive Christian education.

CLC Network 

CLC (Christian Learning Center) Network professional staff provide services in homes, schools and churches throughout North America, offering resources from a Christian perspective to benefit people who have disabilities, unique learning challenges or exceptional academic gifts. The CLC Network is committed to building inclusive communities by empowering others. They offer books, DVDs, training opportunities, consultation, and more.

Friendship Ministries

Interdenominational curricula and training materials for Friendship groups. These groups aim to share God’s love with people who have cognitive impairments and enable them to become an active part of God’s family. Friendship groups include both persons with intellectual disabilities and their friends who do not have disabilities. Resources for both youth and adults are available.

Outside the Box: Helping Misunderstood Kids

Resources from a Christian perspective for parenting and teaching misunderstood kids who thrive "Outside the Box" -- children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and related learning differences. "How to Help Children With Special Needs in the Sunday School Classroom" offers advice from experienced Sunday School teachers.

Lifeway Special Needs Ministry Resources

A wealth of Special Needs resources from the Southern Baptist Convention:

  • Adapted Sunday school curriculum with teaching guide, picture sets, Bible stories, and learner activity pages
  • Special Friends edition of Bible school curricula
  • Bible studies for adults with intellectual disabilities
  • Library of articles about teaching individuals with disabilities and behavior differences
  • Downloadable teacher aids such as picture word cards and adaptation tips.


Recommended books for those who teach or oversee inclusive Sunday school programs.

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