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Crest Hill Community Church



​Crest Hill Community Church (Wardensville, West Virginia) recently put finishing touches on a ramp built a few years ago. Pastors Carolyn and Milford Lyndaker share their congregation’s story:

Wheelchair ramp entrance to Crest Hill Community Church "We recognized the need for greater accessibility when we had a six-year-old coming to our church who had cerebral palsy and used a wheelchair. We had a wide sloping outside entry with two steps. Until that time we had been able to get people in by lifting them.  However, we began to think it would be more welcoming to have a ramp. We are a small congregation, so all it took was a very short discussion. Four persons volunteered and soon built the ramp, using funds we had on hand. Since that time the ramp benefits a member who uses a cane and others who have difficulty with steps."​

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