Celebrating the giftedness of each person in the church

This page celebrates the giftedness of each person in the church, regardless of abilities or disabilities.

Person playing the piano
  • "Special Needs, Special Abilities," - by Erin R. DuBois, an article in the March 2011 edition of The Mennonite. "They can attend school, hold down jobs and turn the key in the door of their own apartments. They have won the legal battle for inclusion, but by the time they land in the pew at church, they may be too exhausted to fight for something more precious than their rights. Friendship is a gift the law can never guarantee to people with developmental disabilities. Churches across the United States, however, are reaping the rewards of building genuine relationships..."
  • Welcome the Exceptional - Christianity Today Editorial, January 4, 2010. "People with disabilities... can contribute mightily to the work, witness, and leadership of the church and community."  
  • A Church of All and for All - An interim statement. This document, published by the World Council of Churches Central Committee reflects on biblical themes and theological considerations related to disability.  Written by persons with disabilities from many different churches around the world, it has an impressive discussion about the giftedness of all people, regardless of abilities or disabilities.