Accessibility and Awareness


Accessibility and Awareness

How welcoming is your church to people with disabilities?

Cincinnati Mennonite
A new addition and entrance brings accessibility to Cincinnati Mennonite Church

If someone arrives at your church in a wheel chair, can they get in the front door? Can they use the restroom easily?

If someone has hearing loss, will they be able to hear the sermon?

When a person with vision impairment comes to church, can they fully participate in the liturgy or congregational singing?

The journey to fully including people with disabilities and welcoming their gifts begins with access and leads us to examine and transform our attitudes.

An annual disability audit using our quick checklist or accessibility survey will help your congregation grow in awareness of the barriers that inadvertently make it hard for people with disabilities to participate fully. We all have room to grow!

The pages listed in the right column and below offer stories for raising disability awareness and tools for assessing access and attitudes.

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