Same Lake Different Boat (DVD)



Same Lake Different Boat (DVD)

Coming Alongside People Touched by Disability


DVD set: Same Lake, Different Boat: Coming Alongside People Touched by Disability. By Stephanie Hubach. DVD Christian Education series. Carlson Media (2012).

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Video reviewed by Sue Cassel

Why is it that we are surprised by disability?  How is it that we sometimes allow a disability to become a barrier to relationship? Questions like these are honestly discussed in this DVD series based on Stephanie Hubach’s book of the same name. Each of the thirteen sessions on four DVDs begins with brief sharing by someone who lives with a disability or supports someone with a disability. Hubach then shares insights on each topic for approximately 30 minutes, followed by more real life stories and discussion questions. Just viewing the interviews at the beginning and end of each session could be enough to spark lively discussion in groups that meet within a more limited time frame.

The DVD sessions found on Same Lake, Different Boat correspond with sections of the book, with additional material to expand upon that which is presented in the book.  Chapters one to five cover topics "On the Foundation."  Chapters six to nine share information "On the Families."  Lastly, chapters 10 to 13 delve into "On Facilitation in the Church."  Each session begins with a thought-provoking "essential question" that guides the discussion for that session.  

The DVD series, was produced by Carlson Media with a grant from Harris Harper Family Foundation and a matching grant from Mission to North America, a ministry of Presbyterian Church in North America.  The videos were filmed on the campus of Lancaster Bible College, Lancaster, PA, with distribution assistance by 2010 Women in the Church Love Gift project.

With a firm grasp of the realities of disability and the truths of scripture, Same Lake, Different Boat provides thoughtful insight to encourage viewers as they include and embrace all who come in contact with our congregations.


Same Lake, Different Boat DVD Set can be purchased online from CEP Bookstore.

Sue Cassel is a Field Associate with Anabaptist Disabilities Network. She attends North Leo Mennonite Church, Leo, Indiana. Sue is the author of  A Journey of Hope: A Spiritual Path Toward Hope and Joy in Caring for Your Child with Special Needs. She is currently working on a book of stories about churches and families that have created the kind of supportive care networks described in ADNet's book, Supportive Care in the Congregation.

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