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Prevention Training Materials

QPR Institute

This institute provides trainings for individuals and organizations, in person or online. Participants are trained to "Question, Persuade, and Refer" someone to help, gaining skills in recognizing the signs of someone contemplating suicide and supporting someone in crisis.

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)

LivingWorks provides two-day, in-person trainings for individuals and organizations. Trainings include audiovisuals, discussions, and simulations and are facilitated by two experienced trainers. Participants learn to recognize signs of suicidal thoughts and how to intervene effectively, creating a safety plan and connecting the person with further support. The workshops address how societal attitudes toward suicide impact help-seeking behavior. Participants experience an increase in readiness, confidence, and capability to provide suicide first aid.

Introductory Educational Materials

Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Response Video Series

YouTube videos prepared by the Interfaith Network on Mental Illness for pastors and leaders of the faith community.

  1. Warning Signs and Risk Factors for Suicide. 8 min.
  2. How to Tell if a Person is Considering Suicide. 8 min.
  3. Responding to a Suicidal Person. 11 min.
  4. Aftermath: Responding to Family Members after a Suicide. 8 min.
  5. Aftermath: Designing a Service for a Person Who Has Died by Suicide. 9 min.

Preventing Suicide

This guide by InnerBody includes definitions and statistics of death by suicide and resources for talking with someone who considering death by suicide.

Supporting Survivors

Fierce Goodbye: Living in the Shadow of Suicide DVD

Five loving and courageous families take you to the innermost depths of their heartbreak and pain to bring hope and healing to others dealing with the numbing aftereffects of a death by suicide. Additional families, individuals, mental health experts, Bible scholars and theologians add their experiences and insights in grappling with the topic of suicide. The documentary is a groundbreaking look at the intersection of faith and suicide, tackling difficult questions asked by those who survive a death by suicide. 44 minute video plus two hours of bonus content. Produced by MennoMedia.

Fierce Goodbye: Living in the Shadow of SuicideBook

A penetrating account of a family dealing with suicide, this book offers solid guidance for those who worry about the eternal fate of a loved one. It provides a reliable and readable summary of Christian thinking about suicide, useful for pastors, counselors, students, and teachers. Published by MennoMedia; written by G. Lloyd Carr and Gwendolyn Carr.

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