Circles of Love: Stories of congregations caring for people with disabilities and their families,  by Dean Preheim-Bartel, Timothy J. Burkholder, Linda A. Christophel, and Christine J. Guth. Herald Press: Harrisonburg, Virginia, and Kitchener, Ontario, 2015.   ISBN 9780836199871 

If your family includes someone with disabilities, you know that congregations can be places of healing or harm, support or lack of care. How can churches better support individuals with disabilities and their families?

In Circles of Love, meet people who have received support from caring people in Anabaptist Congregations 
-- support that has changed the course of their lives. These are not stories of valor or victory, but rather of ordinary people whose lives have been transformed by circles of love. Learn concrete acts of compassionate care that congregations can take to support people with disabilities and those who love them.

Supportive Care in the Congregation: Providing a congregational network of care for persons with significant disabilities, ​by Dean A. Preheim-Bartel, Aldred H. Neufeldt, Paul D. Leichty, and Christine J. Guth. Mennonite Publishing Network: United States of America, 2011. ISBN 978-0-8361-9572-9

In the 1980s, a group of Mennonites developed an innovative proposal to support individuals with significant disabilities, along with their families. Now thoroughly revised and updated, Supportive Care in the Congregation retains its vision for care groups in congregations. In this edition, and expanded chapter on theology looks at the Anabaptist roots of the book's vision. Three new chapters present complementary ministries and movements that have emerged since the book's first edition, offering a wealth of resources to those who take up the invitation to build supportive, caring, inclusive communities of faith.

 After We're Gone:A Christian perspective on estate and life planning for families that include a dependent member with a disability, by Duane Ruth-Heffelbower. Mennonite Publishing Network: United States of America, 2011.         ISBN 978-0-8361-9565-1 

Caring for an adult who is dependent due to a significant disability is a major responsibility. Making provisions for that person's physical, emotional, and financial well-being after the death fo the caregiver can be complex and confusing. After We're Gone introduces options and resources for the Christian family and faith community as they interact with the legal system to make provisions for the ongoing care of loved ones with disabilities.

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